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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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Welcome to, your specialist and partner in computer security and service. our services were optimized for maximum security, speed and flexibility. all propositions are rapidly obtainable and set up. moreover, short-term terminable at request, except for webhosting, domain stuff. our online services are most reliable. because of the matter of fact, that you will always be able to observe the doings, preferably by screen, but in any case by phone at your desire. contact us for benefits and conditions. we deliver precise software design for highest security at lowest costs in realtime. sigfm – Security Is Good For Me. that is the new slogan for a world, inundated with so called social networks, advertising everywhere, spam mails, viruses, trojans and a lot of other unwanted, partly even dangerous things, which make your virtual and real life uncertain and risky more frequently than ever. not only are the bad ones, but in front of all the supposed good guys interested in your personality and privacy. Orwell’s year 1984 has not just begun. that is long gone. today’s reality is even worse!
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