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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

#1 Security Is Good For Me

Security Is Good For Me

that’s the new slogan for a world, inundated with so called social networks, advertising everywhere, spam mails, viruses, trojans and a lot of other unwanted, partly even dangerous things, which make your virtual and real life uncertain and risky more frequently than ever. not only are the bad ones, but in front of all the supposed good guys interested in your personality and privacy. Orwell’s year 1984 has not just begun. it’s over! reality is even worse. you will be eavesdropped and videotaped in public and private, your mail was read before you may send it. your computer is attacked from outside to gain and to misuse your private and business data. every step you take is reported from your mobile, you proudly carry anywhere at day and night. you’re traced while surfing through the internet. and you can be sure: this happens not only ever all in the name of something very glorious and grandiose, but rather in addition almost always about money …

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