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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

#3 what may happen

you will be eavesdropped and videotaped in public and private, your mail was read before you may send it. your computer is attacked from outside to gain and to misuse your private and business data. every step you take is reported from your mobile, you carry anywhere at day and night. you’re traced while surfing through the internet. and you can be sure: this happens not only ever all in the name of something very glorious and grandiose, but rather in addition almost always about money …
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  1. ‘…no, it can’t be a joke from inside! I’m alone in the office. it’s after hours, he said. he was frantic. the sb customer on the phone told a regrettably often-heard story: his desktop sprang to life about one and a half minutes ago without his merest action. ‘a ghost is moving my mouse, he said, and, just in the moment,’the ghost is loading down something from the internet. ‘yes I can also move the cursor but it’s a skirmish. the apparent obviously idea was about realvnc, because of its ability to share connections. a commonly occurring software used for remote services, and very advantageous. every administrator having a cozy office is familiar with it. the characteristic black-green appearing symbol in the taskbar was discovered by the client, wily and deftly. He did as he was told, to right-click the symbol to close this server, but he refused. no permissions. more good than bad, all the more because he’s not logged in as an administrator on his machine. he was now encouraged to logoff straightforward and to gaze into his screen while geared up, to tug the plug from his network connection. ‘the ghost is typing in passwords, he cried. it was surely eerie for him. well now, after a few seconds he pulled the plug at command, and the spook was over for now. then, after figuring out customers ip-address the rest was facile. now, he calls his own a reconfigured firewall with no holes, a secure vnc-server with authentication, a formerly employee is facing nasty questions and we got some bucks. the whole commitment lasts about 30 minutes. later, we will inspect the software downloaded by the intruder and inform you here about it.

    Comment by mb — June 17, 2008 @ 8:50 PM

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